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It is intended to hold a conference on current research on Ingeborg Bachmann's work in Trinity College Dublin from 30th April to 1st May 2004. While the initial impetus for the conference is the 30th anniversary of Bachmann's death this month, the focus of the event will be forward-looking, addressing the question: what are likely to emerge in the coming years as areas of research interest?

It has been apparent at least since the publication of the Todesarten edition in 1995 and Sigrid Weigel's monograph in 1999 that research on Bachmann is only beginning to address many aspects of her writing. It is only in recent years that theoretical, philosophical and historiographical issues which are central in her work are starting to attract the attention they deserve. It is these very contemporary issues to do with narratology, performativity, memory, trauma, reference, correspondence, intertextuality, to do with poststructuralism and feminism, to do with Derrida and Heidegger, Bloch and Benjamin... that we envisage will be addressed and taken forward by the conference. But that is to assume that we know what is on the way, and we look forward to receiving proposals from other areas of current research.

The organisers are looking at the possibility of bringing some members of the Vienna-based theatre group Projekt Theater Studio who have successfully staged a montage based on Bachmann's poetry to Dublin for the conference. It is also envisaged that a volume would emerge from the conference which would aim to provide a central focus and platform for Bachmann research in the coming years.

Abstracts of approx. 300 words should be sent by Friday, 12th December 2003 to the organisers:

Bernadette Cronin
Department of German
University College
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+353 21 4902895

Caitriona Leahy
Department of Germanic Studies
Trinity College
Dublin 2.
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+353 1 6081107

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