Reacting to criticism that we were spamming the listservs with announcements about new E-zine features on, we have not made an announcement for over ten days. Instead, we have done the following:

1. We shortened the last announcements we made, inserting URLs to the new E-zine features instead of describing them in detail.

2. We installed an "Update List" of links to all updates with the most recent updates at the top. A person who is familiar with the E-zine can rapidly work down the Update List from the top until he/she arrives at a feature he/she has already seen.  Thus, it takes only seconds to find out if there is something new on the E-zine that you have not yet seen and may want to check out. (Unavoidably, the Update List does list some files changed for purely administrative reasons).

3. We put most major new features on the ASM front page, usually with a  photo-link.

I would appreciate it if readers of this post would e-mail me privately at [log in to unmask] if you missed any of the following updates because we failed to announce them: (I want to see if  the steps we have taken have been effective):

1. A new "Coming Up" piece describing what birds to expect in October -- added 9/30/03
2. A. "News from the Listserv", reviewing September birds in Missouri -- added 9/30/03.
2. B. Mystery Bird #4 and answers to Mystery Bird # 3 -- added 9/30/03
3. Featured Birder (Jo Ann Garrett) -- added 9/30/03
4. Lloyd Moore photos -- added 9/30/03
5. A few new Tommie Rogers photos -- added 9/30/03
6. Video clips by Steve Dillinger of Cape May Warbler, Chestnut-sized warbler, Black-throated Blue Warbler, Prothonotary Warbler, Northern Parula and Golden-winged Warbler --  added 9/30/03. (Are you able to run the videos? Do any take more than 30 seconds to load?)
7. Addition of a note to Mark Land's review of the Olsen & Larsson gull book to reflect the book's recall -- added 10/02/03
8. Updating the Birder's Gallery page featuring photos of 37 Missouri birders --updated 10/02/03
9. October Bird of the Month (Franklin's Gull) -- added 10/02/03
10. Additional pix by Steve Dillinger, bringing his remarkable collection to 15 species of warblers  -- added 10/04/03
11. Computer-generated art by Steve Dillinger -- added 10/04/03
12. Patrick Harrison's essay on four-letter band codes. -- added 10/05/03
13. 7 new Margy Terpstra photos -- added 10/07/03
14. 4 new photos by Frances Cramer -- added 10/07/03
15. Carl Gerhardt video clips of Fairy Wren, Greater Prairie Chicken booming, Red-necked Grebe and White-breasted Nuthatch. -- added 10/09/03 (Again, please let us know if you have trouble loading and/or running the videos).
16. 30 photo stills of birds by Carl gerhardt. -- added 10/09/03
17. Tips for choosing Binoculars -- added 10/09/03
18. Tips on how to find Le Conte's Sparrows  -- added 10/10/03
19. Short essay on Ammodramus sparrows with 8 photos -- added 10/10/03
20. Larry Lade Art -- added 10/10/03
21. Additional Larry Lade photos -- added 10/10/03
22. Discussion Forum -- added 10/10/03
23. 20 photos of birds by Jurek Majka -- added 10/10/03

In addition to the foregoing, we added a number of links (E.g. to Cornell lab, various gull sites) in the "Cool"links feature of the ASM front page, reported (with photos) on Sabine's Gull appearances, and provided news of the ASM Fall Meeting, new Missouri Checklist, etc. on the home page of the ASM web site.

Please let me know if we are communicating effectively.


Bob Fisher, Editor, Missouri Birding E-zine
Independence, Missouri

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