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To The Moron:

If you're going to post endless off-topic blather to a poetry discussion
list, please have the courtesy of changing the topic line to something like "Off
topic -- More time-wasters from Kate the Unbearably Stupid" .

-- Steve --

Sir, I suggest that you start a private List that would be more within your control.  And make sure you screen everybody you let in very carefully.  You wouldn't want to let in anyone whose opinion differs from yours or anybody whose personality differs from yours.
Sir, if you think that I would take any suggestion from someone who calls me names and insults me for god knows what reason, then you don't understand human nature too well.  And that a brief post about a baseball game from an enthusiastic fan would cause you write such a post in response is very telling.  I think maybe you ought to look into a private list that you are able to control.  Maybe that would make you a bit more happy, and it sounds like you need some happiness in your life. 

In any case, it was your Post, sir, that was incredibly stupid, and you can go straight to . . . . . . Fenway Park.


Kate (still enthusiastic this morning, but not holding my breath)