Dear List

Grover Smith on page 88 of his "The Waste Land" refers to a publication of TSE's that I have been unable to find.  It is "The Interpretation of Primitive Ritual".

I have checked Gallup with no luck but may have missed it.

I think it a real possibility that it is a chapter or subject heading in some larger work.

I would much appreciate a pointer to a TSE work where he discusses primitive ritual.

Here is the what Grover Smith had to say:

"All such rites, for Frazer, originated as fertility magic; his evidence is so overwhelming (*The Golden Bough* in its third and final edition runs to twelve large volumes) that one tends to ignore, as Eliot in 'The Interpretation of Primitive Ritual' did not, the mystery of how magic was invented".

BTW: Smith exaggerates the size of the original Frazer volumes, some of which are fairly narrow, even so,  the resultant shelf space of all 12 is very impressive.

Rick Seddon
McIntosh, NM