The conference has been held in St. Louis (his birthplace) every late September (usually the weekend closest to his birthday) most every year since 1980. I've only been this year and last, though I plan to go as often as possible in the future, but I do know they have met in New England before, and visited the Dry Salvages. As I said in an earlier post, next year the meeting will be in England (mainly London), with visits to the other 3 of the FQ sites. Here's a link to the society webpage, if you're interested:
Doesn't look like they have info up yet about next year, but it will give you an idea of what the society is like.
Yes, there is usually a fine lunch held at the St. Louis Woman's Club (where many of the meetings are held), and a dinner given at the home of the Fathmans, gracious supporters of the society. Most all of the speakers attend both of these; they are wonderful opportunities to meet others interested in Eliot.
     The society is always looking for more interest -- I'm sure the number of people who attend every year (about 30-40) doesn't represent everyone interested in Eliot. In fact, so far, I've only met one person who is both in the society and on this list -- Rick Seddon (hello, Rick!). But I have met many other wonderful people, including Jewel Spears Brooker, Ronald Schuchard, Marjorie Perloff, Carole Seymour Jones, Lee Oser and others. Would love to have the privilege of meeting many more of you in the future, and can't think of a better environment to meet in!
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If you have any other questions, I'm not sure if I was the only one from the list there or not. I would be delighted to give more information, if you would care for any.

I wish I had been there.  The speakers and their subjects of discourse appear most interesting.  Where was this conference held?  And was there also any dinners or cocktail parties with the speakers?