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Pound become Ill during the translation and asked Stock to finish the book for him.
For the Italians on the list:  Boris de Rachewiltz's book is entitled "Liriche Amorose degli Antichi Egizioni" published in 1957 by Vanni Scheiwiller in Milan
Here is part of the one Pound translated.  He titled it "Conversations in Courtship";
She says:
His voice unquiets my heart;
      It's the voice's fault if I suffer.
My mother's neighbor!
                               But I can't go see him
       Ought she to enrage me?
Oh; stop talking about that fellow,
       the mere thought of him is revolting.
I am made prisoner 'cause I love him.
But he's a mere kid with no brains.
Rick Seddon
McIntosh, NM