I was browsing just now and read this, an anonymous Egyptian love poem dating from 1567 to 1085 BC.

With you here at Mertu
Is like being at Heliopolis already.

We return to the tree-filled garden,
My arms full of flowers.

Looking at my reflection in the still pool -
My arms full of flowers -
I see you creeping on tip-toe
To kiss me from behind,
My hair heavy with perfume.

With your arms around me
I feel as if I belong to the Pharaoh.

The hieroglyphics were translated into Italian by Boris de Rachelwitz, and somehow, it came as no great surprise to read that Ezra Pound translated them into English.  

Even if the cryptic puzzle of cross-allusive clues were solved, for all the pleasure of it, I imagine a female sigh - that is not what I meant at all.  There is something tiringly busy about those boys.  Brace up, chase on, fare forward voyagers.

Only undefeated because we have gone on trying?