Dear List

"Robinson Jeffers wants cyber access to the New York Times"

Let's see now.  They'll keep my privacy.
Good!   I'd hate to lose that.
Zip Code????? We'll come back to that.
Household Income???
Job Title??  What am I?

I'm that Hawk soaring over Tor House!
I need enough air to soar.
No more than that.

Back to the warm rooted earth, Robin.
I've been a poet in the morning and
a mason in the evening but most of all
I've been that Hawk soaring 
Writer/editor?  Never, never an editor.
Skilled laborer then.
I have labored long and hard at 
words and stones and
well at both.  My labors last.

What Industry? Well
Not academia for sure 
I've provided a few jobs there.
Not that they seemed to learned much.
Not allowed in 
The New York Times World.
Homemaker.  That will do.

Job Function?
Soar in the lifting air?  Please!
What a boring confining list!
There is nothing here
to do on your own.  Everything 
has humanity involved.
Women and men everywhere.
Groups of men.  No man alone.
I want to soar on my own
in the air over and among the trees.

My job title then is "skilled laborer"
In the Homemaking industry and 
My function is an "other"?
The New York Times
Isn't for Hawks.
Maybe for Quail, but
Not for Hawks.

Soaring in the lifting air,
And then resting among the roots. 
That is for Hawks.

Rick Seddon
McIntosh, NM