Tangentially relevant to recent questions of anti-semitism (I'm not sure if the NYTimes requires a free login, but I think they do):
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Date: Friday, October 17, 2003 3:55:36 PM
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My word, Kate, where do you come up with these obscure facts?  Do you really have them at the tips of your tantilizing nails, ready to deploy with such devastating effect when an argument hangs in the balance?  Or do you have access to some secret book of knowledge?  Please don't hold out on us!

One question, though: are you relying on Scripture when you say that Jesus and the disciples were Jewish, or on some other source?  And if you are relying on Scripture, do you see any inconsistency in saying that others should not rely on it for information concerning the circumstances of Jesus' execution

Dearest Tom, that Jesus and his apostles were Jewish is not a matter of fact, obscure or otherwise.  There is no historical record; ergo, there is no fact.  I was simply stating to Peter, who comes across as tres anti-Semitic, that according to his own Christian gospels and myths, Jesus and friends were definitely Jewish, both by birth and practice and, therefore, his anti-Semitic attitude is both absurd and bizarre in light of these "gospel/mythical" facts believed in by Christians.  As to the discussion of violence being "absolutely" bad, I disagree.  If a man is attempting to rape a woman in an alley and another man comes along and punches this man and breaks his nose, that violence was a "good" thing.  There are very few, if any, absolutes.  A MacDonalds fast food place in Chicago is ruining the health of some of the children in Chicago.  An identical MacDonalds in the Congo is saving the lives of some children.  And though I am heartbroken over last night's game, there are people elsewhere who are ecstatic over it.  But, life goes on for most of us (not sure about the life that Chicago Cubs fan).  I have champagne on ice.  A friend who is a fellow New England transplant is coming over later and we will toast our Boys if not their ignorant manager.  I believe it is now obvious to everyone that Pedro, and not the manager, runs the Red Sox show.  He should never have been allowed to go into the 8th Inning.  He pitched brilliantly for 7 innings but it was obvious he was tired.  They were starting to hit him at the end of the 7th.  It was obvious that Pedro wanted to do the whole game, to be the hero.  The manager should have stepped in and said NO to him and put Williamson or Lowe or even Wakefiield in.  But, in any event, it's a done deal.  The curse is not broken again.


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