Dear List
I went to a most enjoyable art exhibition today
"Millet to Matisse" 19th & 20th century French Art from Kelvingrove Art Gallery in Glasgow.
The people of Glasgow are extraordinarily lucky to have this art available on a permanent basis.
The exhibit will be in Alb until Jan 2004.  Winter and spring of 2004 in Quebec City, Quebec, Spring and summer in Kalamazoo, Michigan and then summer and Fall of 2004 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 
Van Gogh, Monet, Millet, Renoir, Gaugin, Corot and so much more.  Those of you in big towns can smirk at my enthusiasm but it was great.  Reproductions just do not reproduce the original.  I've now seen 4 Van Gogh's and I'm amazed at how different the original is from the best reproductions.  The quality of light in the Boudins brought tears to my eyes.  You can almost hear the peasants talking in Millet's "Going to Work".
If you are within 150 miles of it be sure to go.
To any Scots on the List: Thank you very much.
Rick Seddon
McIntosh, NM