I wish I knew more. 
    I agree with Carrol, I don't know whether you can really call it "audience participation," but it is significant -- and different, I think, then interpreting enjambment. For instance, it is a dramatic convention for the audience to imagine a fourth wall to indoor sets, but it is a far different thing for them to reconcile contradictory statements made by an actor. To me, zeugma, juxtaposition, etc. seemed to be literary equivalents to the interpretive perception McLuhan talked about with regard to TV. For what it's worth...

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Carrol Cox wrote:

>"Sometimes counsel take, and sometimes tea." The reader has to supply
>the 'other' meaning of "take."
>I don't know whether this should really be called "audience
>participation" though.

Dear Carrol,
    I understand that, but doesn't the reader have to notice, for
example, enjambment and _supply_ the correct sort of pause or holding up
of the line.  I don't see zeugma as special in that regard.  Like you, I
am not sure about "audience participation," though I think I take its
meaning.  But I do wonder if Will has something else in mind?  Was it,
perhaps, a figure that was written about by 18th writers in a special
way?  Youth wants to know and so do I.