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Out of curiousity, can you give any specific examples of this
pandering you assert in a general way.  I can cite a mass of
specifics about what is awful in Bush--just to start he plans to
appoint to the head of the FDA a man who says the way women
should deal with premenstrual tension is to read the Bible and he
refuses to prescribe contraceptives to unmarried women, let alone
wars and leaks and a failed economy.   What are the equivalent
"extreme doctrines" on the Democratic side?

Well, Nancy, unfortunately, just very recently, there was the case of the Lieutenant Governor of CA accepting millions in dollars from the Native Americans who control the casinos.  I am for giving to people who have been either treated unfairly by society or who are disadvantaged by educational and other such issues to be given a break and opportunities made for them, but in my opinion and in most people's opinion, the casinos should be paying some taxes.  They make loads and loads of money. Despite this matter, if I lived in California, I would still vote for Bustamanti over the movie star.  And it's not because the movie star can't keep his hands to himself.
I'll write about some "extremisms" later, but I just have to comment on the positions that you stated are held by the man Bush intends to nominate to head the FDA. I can't comment on his solution for pre-menstrual tension since I've never tried it.  It's certainly thoughtful of him to be concerned about it, however, so I must write him to let him know that a good run followed by a massage and a glass of wine may be just as effective as reading the bible.