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...I could substitute the "Reverend" Jesse Jackson here and repeat my above Pat Robertson diatribe, but instead I'll ask, dear listers, do you recall when Jesse baptized Mike Tyson a few years ago? My, wasn't that a "life transforming" conversion? It only served to transform Mike into as the Bible would say, "twofold the child of hell that he was in the first place." 

And thus we come to the problem in the country.  As shortsighted and unacceptable as many of the Republicans' policies and doctrines are,  there is probably not currently a Democratic candidate for President who would be able to defeat the current President; it's not that some of their policies aren't a good deal better; it's that they present themselves and act as the Republicans do in too many unappealing ways, i.e. name calling and pandering to special interest groups.  And in some doctrines, being too extreme the other way so that the majority of Americans would be turned off and, in fact, nervous, and thus the status quo would appear to be the better option.