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Do you want to
say that all abortion-opponents are not "real" xtians?

Anti-abortion is a legitimate and understandable stance.  I have no problem with such a stance.  However, some of those same people who are anti-abortion and say they are against killing any life are also pro-capital punishment.  Also, I can't understand the Pope's view, not the anti-abortion view, but the anti-birth control view, when he visits Africa and sees the necessity for it, not just because most of the people there are very poor and cannot handle large families but also because that continent is being decimated by Aids.  Yet this old, dying man is indeed brave, appearing before masses of people and attempting to say Mass or whatever when he can hardly sit up in his chair.
And yes, I am simply drained from today's game.  The Red Sox won again.  Tomorrow is the final showdown in Oakland.  The Sox become unpredictable away from Fenway, especially during the Playoffs, but Pedro will be running the show.  Speaking of the Pope, during the game today, the 8th inning, when the Red Sox were losing 4-3 and had two men on base with two out, the tv cameras were showing the crowd at Fenway.  Half were yelling and screaming and the other half were praying.