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> It seems to me that you are saying that TSE matched
> the smoke rising from the pipes of the lonely men
> in shirt-sleeves to the smoke rising from
> the burning homosexuals in Hell to equate
> the lonely men to the dead men.

Equate? I'd prefer to say "allude to" or, in TSE's lingo maybe I'd say that the "rising smoke" is his "objective correlative" to the burning punishment in Hell for sodomites. I think it’s the readers’ clue that the lonely men are sodomites and not, for example, lonely heterosexuals patiently waiting for their wives to come home from work.

It’s not just the rising smoke but also the way Prufrock is going to watch them specifically at **dusk**, just as Dante encountered the sodomites in the dark of the evening.

By the way, Singleton isn’t the only one who translates the passage as “dusk”, so I’m confused as to why he (and others) did that if it’s as straightforward as saying that  “sera" is "evening."

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