Vishvesh Obla wrote:

> I am curious about the usage of the word ‘blinding’ in
> the above passage.  I see from dictionaries that it is
> occasionally used for referring to anything dazzling
> (and so seems to have a positive connotation), but
> this word has always carried a negative connotation to
> me.

The OED (on line) doesn't help very much with either "blinding" (or
"blind") or "dazzling" (or "dazzle"). My first response is to say that
the word takes on a purely positive or purely negative force depending
solely on context -- that is, its force comes from the event/situation
it is applied to. In isolation the word is colorless.

But now I've got a question. The following quotation (probably not quite
accurate) sticks in my mind but I can't remember the exact source (Lear?
Duchess of Malfi?)

                Cover her face
        Mine eyes dazzle; she died young.