Apologies to Gunnar for misspelling his name: this was inadvertent but

Apologies to all for the omission of 'men' from the quote from East Coker.

The last line of that quote is one that I think of a great deal when I am
commenting on various literary texts.
As for posting without comment, I do see that this may appear pointless so
let me give my reason.

I find that on various lists dedicated to writers, members, myself included,
can at times get so caught up in what we think (and I acknowledge that this
is the point of the list) that we lose sight of the writer and his/her work.

I tend to go back and read a poem I have not looked at for some time. The
poem I posted lately is one that captivated me when I first encountered it
many years ago. I think it still holds up. I like the light touch and the
humour. There is something unbuttoned about the poem that prefigures Old
Possum and his book of Practical Cats.

Aidan Harman