Susan Ehrlich wrote:
> Does anyone know of any other free book sites on the web?

There are many but if you are interested in something in particular
then search for it at Online Books.
They don't have books themselves but their intent is to serve as the
card catalog for online books published in English (plain text, HTML,
Word, PDF, and images of pages are all valid formats as far as it cares.)

For Eliot try my website:
and Project Bartleby:
Bartleby also has the abridged version of "The Golden Bough."

Someone wrote me privately with a question that can be paraphrased as
"Is Gutenberg's text a violation of copyright?"  I started to respond
to it privately but decided to send what I had to the whole list:

No, not in the U.S. but possibly in the U.K. and elsewhere.  Project
Gutenberg checks for copyright.  I've contributed texts to Gutenberg
(but not this) and I know that someone has to do the copyright approval
before Gutenberg publishes.

There was a strange case with "From Ritual to Romance."  I had to
correspond with the Gutenberg leader, Michael Hart, on that and found
out from him that if it was published prior to 1923 anywhere then it
is in the public domain in the U.S.  (The problem was that the foreign
phrases that Weston had in her book were in English and that part was
probably under copyright.  I supplied the original text and did lots
of cleanup and they are using that text.)

Some things that are in the public domain in the U.S. are not so in
the U.K., E.U. and elsewhere.  And then there are things in the public
domain in Australia that are not yet public in the U.S.  At the Online
Books site you will see some e-texts listed as "No U.S. access."  They
are probably not accessible from sites in the U.K. either.

    Rick Parker