Actually, all these are on topic in a way because they deal with Eliot
critics but the topics will only interest a limited audience.


Harold Bloom had a short interview in the The Boston Globe Magazine
(October 19, 2003, p. 8)
    Consistent Contrarian
    The iconoclastic Yale scholar and critic is giving his personal
    papers and large library to a small Catholic college in Vermont.
    By Patrick Healy, Globe Staff, 10/19/2003

Bloom mentions there these Eliot scholars: William Arrowsmith and
"good old Helen Vendler."

The mini-interview is online.  The first URL brings up a complicated
page (but with a photo of Bloom.)  The second URL is for a printer
friendly version of the page.

Bloom was also mentioned in two short articles in the Focus
(editorial) section.  Once on his choice for president and then
name-dropped in a piece on the OED.  Boston Sunday Globe, October 19,
2003, pages L2 and L3 respectively.


Eliot scholar (and Bob Dylan bootlegger) Christopher Ricks has a book
out on Dylan.  There is an article in the Boston Sunday Globe, October
19, 2003, pp. L1-L3)
    The Dylanist
    BU's Christopher Ricks parses Bob
    By Eric McHenry, 10/19/2003

It is also online at URL

There are mentions of Eliot of course.


Limited to the Boston area members I'm sorry to say -- the Harvard
Book Store in Harvard Square (not the Coop) has a few remainders on
sale (well, maybe they sell these by mail.)  Two weeks ago I saw 8
hardback copies of "Words Alone" by Denis Donoghue, at $7.99 on the
tables and three copies of Jewel Spears Brooker's "Mastery and
Escape" in the racks. I think they were paperback and going for $4.99

Their URL:

Eliot up!
    Rick Parker