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> I just got back from England, and the pressure on Blair at this
> week's Labour Party Conference is also a big issue, along with lots
> of press speculation about his relation with Bush.  I think you need
> to also realize that we in the US also are in large numbers horrified
> by the "harebrained leader."  I just wish to remind you again that he
> did not receive the majority of votes.  I won't go into the issue of
> Florida, but there was no mandate by vote for any of this.
> Nancy

Thank you, my dear Nancy,

for your as usually sober words of support.
Makes me feel a bit less a pariah on this list dominated by so many
Right-or-Wrong-my-Country patriots.

According to the latest Gallup poll, there are still slightly over 50% of US
voters supporting the policy of their administration.