I'll look it up.  I think it would be a very difficult premise to maintain
except possibly among infotechs and CIS offices.  Research projects seldom
fail.  They simply slowly mutate into successful ones.

My experience with engineering "beyond the edge" is that most times there is
little to no formal literature.  The sharing is informally done in offices,
through exchange visits and at conferences.  Current research is shared real
time among peers and criticism is immediately applied.   Furthermore, it
would be very difficult to document the sharing of often highly classified
information.  Classified information is highly compartmentalized so that few
have access to all the information.   Access lists are often more highly
classified than the project.  In some cases the information is not part of
the main project at all but is part of a cover story or even a deliberate
red herring.  The cover story projects often are destined for failure,
though, every now and then everyone is startled by a genuine success that
overcomes the original project.  I am sure that civilian leading edge
research proceeds along much the same lines as government.

BTW one of the success of Star Wars is the Internet.  What would Allen call
a project that has repeatedly been an Engineering failure and a Information
Systems success.

Rick Seddon
McIntosh, NM