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> I know zeugma as a rhetorical structure (and cool word).  It is one
> of a seeming infinity of juxtapositions.  But I don't know anything
> about the 18th-century use that requires audience participation.  Tell all.

I was actually thinking of the Waste Land in terms of transporting it into
another media.  The Waste Land, in fact, does contain sufficient conversational
interludes and is such a moody piece that a skilled and inspired screenwriter
may in fact be able to come up with something.  I picture a "Bergman" like
movie, but that wouldn't do these days.  Perhaps film noir.  Game one tonight:
Red Sox and Yankees.  For those of you who do not live in nor were raised in New
England, Massachusetts in particular, please forgive these sporadic updates.
I'm afraid that I cannot contain my enthusiasm.