In what scenarios did Gore win the New York Times and Washington Post
I thought that in those recounts with virtually every contested ballot voted
for Gore, Bush still won.  Not much was made of either since they did not
bear out the initial media assertions to the contrary.

A majority of the Electoral College is the only requirement for election of
the President.  No mention is made of this being assumed to be a majority of
the popular vote.  Not every state even requires their electors to vote with
the popular vote.  Many electors can and have voted for anyone that they

If the Republicans had wanted they could have challenged the election in my
state of New Mexico.  Our Democrat Secretary of State "found" exactly 500
votes which gave the election in New Mexico to Gore by about 150 votes.
Missouri and  Illinois were also states with large numbers of dubious
ballots.  Both states went for Gore.

My impression was that European anger wtih Bush started welll before the
election during the campaign.

Rick Seddon
McIntosh, NM