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> Out of curiousity, can you give any specific examples of this
> pandering you assert in a general way.  I can cite a mass of
> specifics about what is awful in Bush--just to start he plans to
> appoint to the head of the FDA a man who says the way women
> should deal with premenstrual tension is to read the Bible and he
> refuses to prescribe contraceptives to unmarried women, let alone
> wars and leaks and a failed economy.   What are the equivalent
> "extreme doctrines" on the Democratic side?
> Cheers,
> Nancy

...and an excerpt from the editorial of today's New York Times,
stressing the very same point I have mentioned:

Mr. Bush has unwisely chosen to encourage the most hawkish impulses of
Israel's prime minister, Ariel Sharon, reassuring him in private on Sunday
and again in public yesterday that Israel "must not feel constrained" in
defending itself. Neither American nor Israeli interests are well served by
such provocative advice.


Mr. Bush's failure to do so [to warn Israel to reopen armed conflict with
Syria, GJ] is disappointing but not surprising. Through nearly three years
of spiraling violence in the Middle East, his administration has too often
remained on the sidelines. Its one serious venture in peace diplomacy, last
spring, was quickly abandoned. While Washington has rightly called for the
emergence of responsible and peaceful Palestinian leaders, it has
consistently failed to press Israel to take the kind of steps that could
help such leaders succeed, like a halt to settlement building. A more
responsible American course is needed to turn the Middle East's attention
back to peace and discourage any drift toward wider war.