am 7.10.03 0:12 Uhr schrieb Nancy Gish unter [log in to unmask]:

> Out of curiousity, can you give any specific examples of this
> pandering you assert in a general way.  I can cite a mass of
> specifics about what is awful in Bush--just to start he plans to
> appoint to the head of the FDA a man who says the way women
> should deal with premenstrual tension is to read the Bible and he
> refuses to prescribe contraceptives to unmarried women, let alone
> wars and leaks and a failed economy.   What are the equivalent
> "extreme doctrines" on the Democratic side?
> Cheers,
> Nancy

Dear Nancy,

the list of misdeeds by the awful Bush administration could be prolonged.

The huge amounts of money pumped into the military, into such useless
projects as Star Wars and the resources necessary to occupy Iraq are direly
lacking in domestic fields such as education, public transportation or
health care. The U.S. postal system, e.g., approaches the level of a third
world country (I remember queuing up for an hour and a half at Grand Central
Post Office last December...).

And what about his callous neglect of the environment, reflected in the
"reform" of the Clean Air Act and the refusal to sign the Kyoto protocol?

What about his unwillingness to impose a fair peace agreement in the Middle
East (the U.S. being the only power with the clout to do so), looking on as
the Palestinians are deprived of their elementary human rights, as Sharon is
building thousands of miles of a useless wall and 500 new housing units on
occupied land and is getting ready to murder Yassir Arafat?

Some future day, the American citizens who trusted that hollow man will
realize their grave mistake.