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> Clearly, taking a pro-life position is very distasteful to many

Clearly, taking a pro choice position is very distasteful for many, and for a
sensitive, thinking person, this is the way it should be, but that does not
mean that the position is the wrong position.  You say that I am passionate
concerning other issues.  True.  I can passionately declare that the Israelis
have the right the right to defend their country and their citizens from their
neighbors, most who of vowed to destroy them.  It is easy for me in the face of
what the Israelis have to face every day to believe in them, to feel passion
for the truth of this.  To feel passion that every person has the right to read
whatever book whatever it says is easy.  Even to feel passion (and this goes
to the Democrats extremist views, Nancy) that I have the right to smoke a
cigarette in a bar while watching a baseball game (when 80% of the others in the
bar want to smoke too but two people object) But to feel passion in the death
of a fetus, to feel passion at attempting to control a woman's decision
concerning her body, her fate, I feel no passion in either position. I don't believe
that there is passion to be felt in either position.  In any case, I have
never felt any.  Either way, it's too sad, a dead fetus, a woman being forced.

In any case, Justin, my all consuming passion this moment is for those boys
from Boston playing ball in Oakland.  It is the 9th Inning and they are leading
4-3.  Win or lose, I will be passionate about them my whole life even though
I have lived far from Boston these many years.  I really thought I had cured
myself of them.  You figure it out.