Nancy Gish wrote to Sara, in part:

> First, in a general sense, I agree with you about this list, and I am
> not interested in being monitored. But:
> Do you think there is a difference between being fierce about ideas
> and simply making personal attacks? Having been the target of many
> nasty remarks (many of which did not seem to elicit comparable
> concern--though some did), I can say that it is more than tiresome to
> be personally assaulted by someone one does not even know.
Sara, in part:

> I love this
> list, because when it happens, each one can have one's outlet, if he/she
> likes, and then things go back to normality through a simple question
> about TSE. This list has no hypocrisy. Of course, always within the
> limits
> of politeness.
Dear Sara and Nancy,

    Since I was the one who raised the issue of incivility, I want to
make sure that you don't think I was asking for monitoring.  (I'm not
clear if either of you think so.  Sorry for not quite understanding.)
Just as I have done in other cases of personal attacks (some of them
against Nancy, though not in every case), I was moved today to respond
to behavior that I don't consider either kind or civil.