I am not sure I know what you mean by reputation:  importance and
interest in his work or return to admiration of him as a kind of great
man.  In the former case, there has been a real increase in interest
in his work--at conferences, especially the Modern Studies
Association, and in journals, there is now constant work on Eliot

As for the notion of him in other ways, clearly he remains
problematic in many ways, but the reactions against the misygyny
and anti-Semitism and racism apparent in the poetry are no longer
simply critiques.  Rather, he is seen in far more complex ways.

Cassandra's and my collection is aimed specifically at representing
that complexity.

So the term is, I think, definitely "upswing" and not "degraded."

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Dear list,
I have been wondering of late about TSE's reputation.
Certainly it has been pretty degraded, but I'm hoping that there will
an upswing. Do you see this happening?

What do you see as the conventional wisdom on TSE?

After all of the critiques aimed at his dead white male-ness, what do
do? Do we simply stop reading texts written by "bad" people?  We
know that
he was (possibly)a misogynist, an anti-Semite, a devout Christian,
alcoholic smoker, etc.etc. But--to be brief--so what?

Best to all,