Early Keats is pretty awful (if one can use "early" for someone who
died at 26), and early MacDiarmid, in English, is dreadful, and early
Eliot is pretty pompous.  And if you look at the poems "Written in
Early Youth," you won't see much to prepare you for "Prufrock."

Who knows what will turn up?

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Bad poetry...Scott sighs heavily...
One of my students shared with me this morning some of the most
overly cliched love poetry ever written. He's so proud of it, so what
do I
say? I just keep giving him a book of poems to read each time he
shows up
in my office. On the other hand, the kid's girlfriend responds
to it so so I guess his work accomplishes its primary purpose. And
know, I've been known to write some god damned awful lyrics every
now and
then (got the rejection notices to prove it). I'm willing to give Bush II
a pass on this one.



Cho sucks!!! Another proud H/H shipper.

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