Fine. I still think the poem itself is so hard boiled
into print that it might as well be cast in stone.


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Agreed that most eggs are destined for cooking.

However, before the days of universal refrigeration eggs stayed "fresh" in
the cupboard for only about a week.  During that time they were called
"fresh" eggs and could be used for serving as boiled, poached, fried, etc.
eggs.  After a week they were destined for use in cakes, breads or egg
batters and were known as "cooking" eggs.

A "cooking" egg is destined to lose its identity as an egg.  "Cooking" eggs
were primarily used to add fat to a recipe and to provide a sort of edible
glue to hold the ingredients together.

Knowledge of the difference between cooking eggs and fresh eggs should not
be used as data for the list's age database.  Some members of the list have
lived fairly recently without the benefits of electricity and with fresh egg
producers running around.

Rick Seddon
McIntosh,. NM