From: Peter Montgomery [mailto:[log in to unmask]]

Apopolylogies to Rickard if he has already alerted
us to this site. I thought I better pass it on, just
in case he hasn't.


From: Nancy Henwood
You might find this website interesting.

Nancy Henwood
Public Service Librarian
Camosun College Library
250 - 370-3606

   Literary Traveler
   "Dedicated to the exploration of the literary imagination,"
   this Web site features "articles about writers, creative
   artists, and the places that they lived and traveled." Read
   about the homes and travels of Beethoven, Ernest Hemingway,
   Jack Kerouac, Edgar Allan Poe, Beatrix Potter, Thomas Wolfe,
   and many others. Browse articles by author or location. Also
   includes essay contests and information about literary tours
   and events.

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