Not to mention the fact tha the Jewish temple was still
in existence then, and so they did have priests, and it
was the high priests who did condemn Jesus, not some
of the rabbis.


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My word, Kate, where do you come up with these obscure facts?  Do you really
have them at the tips of your tantilizing nails, ready to deploy with such
devastating effect when an argument hangs in the balance?  Or do you have
access to some secret book of knowledge?  Please don't hold out on us!

One question, though: are you relying on Scripture when you say that Jesus
and the disciples were Jewish, or on some other source?  And if you are
relying on Scripture, do you see any inconsistency in saying that others
should not rely on it for information concerning the circumstances of Jesus'

Tom K

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> I'm sure the Jewish priests who sought Jesus'
> crucifiction thought their action of klling
> Jesus was justified.
. . . By the way, you don't seem to be aware of this fact, but Jesus was
Jewish.  His 12 apostles were
> Jewish and St. Paul was Jewish.