If it leaves the reader, or participator
to sense the resonant intervals between the images,
lines, patterns &c, then in McLuhan's terms it is
probably cool. I would say TWL is the ultimate cool.


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> The print medium in itself is hot, as I remember.
> You can't fudge around with the letters.

I recall from my reading of Mcluuhan from years ago
that print tends to be hot because it affords
independent study and opinion. It affords left-brain
linearity with individual opinions. Television is cool
because of its use of collective images and the
non-linearity of its presentation. Radio is hot
beciase of the linearity of its presentation and its

TWL always appears to me to be a collection of written
images. It is almost like a written movie or a book of
photographs which juxtaposes a series of images that
holistically and perhaps holographically makes its
point. It cannot be interpreted in solitude. It does
not afford spearate opinions. It is learned
collectively just as the lore of a village or the
tacit knowedge of a business is.

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