"you have the scene arrange itself,
  as it wll seem to do."
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Subject: Re: Is TWL a 'cool' poem in the sense of Mcluhan?

William Gray wrote:

>    I wish I knew more.
>    I agree with Carrol, I don't know whether you can really call it
"audience participation," but it is significant -- and different, I think,
then interpreting enjambment. For instance, it is a dramatic convention for
the audience to imagine a fourth wall to indoor sets, but it is a far
different thing for them to reconcile contradictory statements made by an
actor. To me, zeugma, juxtaposition, etc. seemed to be literary equivalents
to the interpretive perception McLuhan talked about with regard to TV.
Thanks, Will.

Ditto on wishing I knew more.  Your distinction gives me something to