No responses except yours, so far.
Thanks very much. If there is a clear, traceable
connection I would be very much interested.
Thanks again,

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I don't get to this machine often - has anyone run with this? I  think I may
have seen something tangential to some other account suggesting  this. One
of the recent TEL biographies has pursued his mother's background and
changed the story a bit. I will have to chase that if it is still of
interest to you - might take a day 'cause no books to hand. The old account
was that Sarah Lawrence was the illegitimate daughter of John Lawrence a
ship builder and of course as Peter O"Toole told us (in the same breathless
way he anticipated Gordon Liddy that the trick is not to care about pain)
the old man was Sir Thomas Chapman. "He wasn't married to my mother.

Cheers Pete

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> Somewhere along the line I heard, learned, was taught
> or otherwise imbibed the so-called information that
> T.E. Lawrence AND D.H. Lawrence were distantly related.
> So far neither I nor my incredibly knowledgeable internet
> buddy/guru have been able to ascertain anything to back
> that possibility up.
> Anyone know anything about it?
> Thanks muchly for your time and patience,
> Peter