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> I do not think the parliamentary system is analogous
> since it builds
> in plurality decisions.  Margaret Thatcher never had
> a majority.
> But the US system assumes a majority of the
> Electoral College
> and assumes that will also be true of the popular
> vote--though the
> possibility of it not doing so is clear.

Indeed it is very common for governments to be elected
with only a minority (but more than any other party)
of the vote. Governments are elected routinely with
only a minority of the popular vote to receive
overwhelming majorities in the legislature. They can
pass legislation with only cursory reference to the
opposition in the legislature.

This is the way the British system works in Canada.
Governments elected this way are considered
legitimate. I would consider that since Bush was
elected by a legitimate operation of the American
Constitution than Americans are responsible for his
government as well.

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