--- Carrol Cox <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> ... What right
> does any nation have to dictate the internal affairs
> (including weapons
> program) of any other sovereign nation?

By the right of any institution that wishes to protect
the world from a great evil. Respect for sovereignity
does not have to extend to the acceptance of either
internal or external atrocities. This has been
accepted by the iinternational community in the cases
of the former Yugoslavia and Somalia.

The only argument now concerns the insititution that
is capable of authorizing such action. Some make the
case that this can only be the United Nations. However
since the UN was not able to make a decision in
Yugoslaia because of the opposition of Russia and
China to any action, NATO (i.e. the US) decided to
take action unilaterally in Kosovo. This  led to the
incident of the stand off between Russian and British
troops for control of an airport there.

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