In American Protestant Christian circles OT usually means Old Testament...The Christianity of TSE is certainly as distant and different to many modern practioners of the faith as the Old Testament is to the New. Christianity, both Evangelical and Ecumenical branches and has so intertwined itself with the American culture that it is irrelevant and boring as hell to boot.

That the "Reverend" Pat Robertson can with a clear conscience seek the Republican nomination (and sincerely believe it is God's will) is a testament to how far the religious right has fallen. Their anthem could read, "It's great to be a white upper middle class overly insured suburban Republican christian." Notice my use of caps.

On the other hand, liberal denominations have so completly embraced politically correct lingo that they (in my lowly view) now fail to even remotely resemble the historic Christian faith in their teachings, practices, and world view...I could substitute the "Reverend" Jesse Jackson here and repeat my above Pat Robertson diatribe, but instead I'll ask, dear listers, do you recall when Jesse baptized Mike Tyson a few years ago? My, wasn't that a "life transforming" conversion? It only served to transform Mike into as the Bible would say, "twofold the child of hell that he was in the first place."

I'm reminded of the story of the medieval fellow who was given a translation of the Gospel of Mark. Excited to hold the sacred text that normally lay only in the hands of the clergy, he took it home and read it from cover to cover in one setting. The next day he returned the book to his friend a bit angry saying, "this book is not the Bible or else, we're not Christians." He didn't recognize any of his people or his God in the book he read...

But I do digress into a very mean spirited judgemental bashing of people of faith (even though it's right on the money). That wasn't my original purpose. TSE explored and sought with earnest diligence the true historic Christian faith...The quest of a good hearted and intelligient person and the faith he found are certainly worth study.



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