>CFP: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Theatre (ATHE)
>The Association for Theatre in Higher Education will hold its annual
>conference at the Sheraton Center Toronto Hotel in Toronto, Ontario (Canada),
>from July 29 to August 1, 2004.  As one of the Association's 24 focus groups,
>the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Theatre Focus Group invites
>proposals for the conference from scholars, graduate students, artists, and
>practitioners.  You may propose individual papers, panel sessions with papers,
>poster sessions, performances, seminars, panel discussions, or alternative
>formats (information on formats is available at
http://www.athe.org/conf/2004/docs/sessionformats.pdf).  Submissions may be
>either discipline specific or multidisciplinary.  We encourage innovation in
>session content and structure.
>The theme for the conference is "Inspiring Theatre: Networking our Global
>Resources."  Though we will consider any proposals on LGBT theatre and
>performance, we are particularly interested in papers relating to the
>conference theme.  Possible topics include:
>--     Queering Inspiration and Inspiring the Queer
>--     Global Tension and LGBT Performance
>--     Sexuality, Identity and Trans-nationalism
>--     War, Sexuality, and Identity
>--     Sexuality and Global or Local Politics
>--     Cosmopolitanism, Capital and Pleasure
>--     Intersections Between History And/or Location and Contemporary
>         Performance/Theatre/Identities
>--     Documenting Drama: Transforming Identity from Local to Global
>--     Touring the Queer or Queering the Tour
>--     Québécois Theatre/Performance; Québécois Theatre/Performance in
>         Translation; Canadian Theatre/Performance
>--     Crossing Cultures: LGBT USA and LGBT Canada
>--     Identity and Methodology--Intersections
>--     Postcolonialism and Queer Theory
>--     National Borders and Sexual/Bodily Borders
>Directions for Submission:  This is a transitional year for ATHE since the
>organization is in the process of switching to electronic submission of
>proposals.  Please visit the Association’s website at
http://www.athe.org/conf/index.html for required forms and methods.  We
>strongly encourage anyone submitting individual papers to send a brief (200
>word or so) abstract to the Conference Planner as soon as possible but no
>later than October 24; he will then assist in matching you with others to
>create a full-panel proposal.  Send to: Wendell Stone, Department of Mass
>Communication and Theatre Arts, State University of West Georgia, 1600 Maple
>Street, Carrollton, Georgia 30118, ([log in to unmask] or 770-836-6519).
>The final deadline for receipt of all proposals is November 1, 2003 as
>directed at
http://www.athe.org/conf/index.html.  Questions or comments should
>be sent to the Conference Planner for LGBT.


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