for the WiG session at the MLA 2004 in Philadelphia:

Gender and Sexuality in Contemporary Literature and Film

Gender and sexuality are a prevalent theme in contemporary German literature
and film, and they address a number of different issues. Sexual violence is
frequently used as a metaphor for East-West-relationships; the relationship
between Germans and Jews is often explored through German-Jewish romances;
hyper-masculinity is a feature of some German-Turkish texts; and the New
Berlin is described as a gendered geography. This panel seeks contributions
that question and analyze these and other cultural constructions of gender
and sexuality in literature and film of the last decade. Papers should
reflect on the critical potential of feminist theory in responding to what
are in many ways post-feminist texts.

Please send 1-2 page abstracts (preferably by e-mail) to each of the panel
organizers by February 15, 2004.

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