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>  >Call For Papers
>>We are currently soliciting submissions for a special issue of
>>the journal College Literature on:
>>"Intersections of Literature and Linguistics"
>>College Literature is a quarterly journal of scholarly criticism
>>dedicated to serving the needs of college/university teachers by
>>providing them with access to innovative ways of studying and
>>teaching new bodies of literature and experiencing old
>>literatures in new ways. It encourages a variety of approaches to
>>textual analysis and criticism (including political, feminist, and
>>poststructuralist) on English, American, and European literature
>>in addition to Eastern literatures, minority and Third World
>>literatures, oral literature, and interdisciplinary/comparative
>>studies (such as anthropology and literature, computers and
>>literature, literature and film, and so on).
>>This special issue seeks to revaluate the co-operation of
>>linguistics and literature in light of its contribution to the
>>current debate around the future of English and the humanities
>>in general. Our guiding questions are: "How and according to
>  >which methodological principles can literary scholars and
>>linguists work together?" "To what extent can their
>>interdisciplinary co-operation provide solutions to what cultural
>>pessimists consider the malaise of the traditional humanities?"
>>We are especially interested in original, close readings of
>>literature with the aid of linguistic methodology such as text
>>analysis/corpus linguistics as well as more theoretical essays on,
>>for instance, the possibilities and perils of cross-disciplinary co-
>>operation and the philosophy and pedagogy of integrated
>>Submissions range from 8,000 - 10,000 words and must follow
>>The Chicago Manual of Style, 14th ed. (author-date citation).
>>Please send essays as an e-mail attachment (Word or RTF),
>>along with a 100 word abstract, to Dr. Andrea Gerbig,
>  >University of Trier (Germany), [log in to unmask]
>>Deadline for submissions: 1 February 2004
>>Dr. Anja Mueller-Wood - Wissenschaftliche Assistentin
>>Universitaet Trier
>>FB II - Anglistik
>>D-54286 Trier
>>Tel.: +49-(0)651-2012300


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