As you note:
"Small wonder -- European politics are so far away from the concern of most US citizens..."
It does seem to this unconcern person that Europe spawned two great communitarian experiments during the 20th century: Communism and Fascism.   For a sympathetic discussion of communalism by a 20th century poet and protestor see Kenneth Rexroth's book "Communalism".  Europe today seems, to an unconcerned observer, to be attempting to put together an admirable system of Democratic Communitarian government based upon the Idealism of both these failed political experiments.  Since Communalism can be thought of as but a step of ideal abstraction removed from Tribalism and Tribalism is a positive of racism I think it  incumbent upon the civilized world to applaud Europe's continued positive attention to its past problems with the negative attributes of tribalism.  Perhaps this will mean fewer of "Stalin's Peasants" in the future.
I am curious, in a unconcerned way, of the ADL award to a major European politician (regardless of his lingual commitments to that archdemon, Dubya) especially in light of your list of the humble attributes of the recipient.  The American ADL is not greatly known for its support of Dubya and his assorted bootlicks.
Perhaps, it means that the ADL could not find any other of today's European politicians worthy of a major award for anti-racism.  A scary thought, indeed, given Berlusconi as the rapscallion that you and Sara report to us unconcerned types.
Both European Communism and European Fascism were practical reactions to the unpractical Leftists of European Liberalism (largely Libertarians and Anarchists).  Since the current politics of Europe seem to build from the same reactionary mold, I, of course in an unconcerned way, think it very important to encourage Europeans in their attempts to minimalize the negative qualities of their tribal pasts.  We must encourage as much as possible a return to true European Liberalism.  Therefore any award of the ADL to any major current European politician, regardless of his lingual practices,  should be applauded. 
Hmm, remembering , in of course an unconcerned way, Enrico Malatesta,  I wonder if he was a descendent of Sigismundi Malatesta, the hero of that arch-Fascist and anti-Semitic Ezra Pound, the hater of FDR.  FDR, of course, was the Presidential ancestor of today's American left which is definitely not Libertarian or Anarchist (except, maybe, for a few very concerned Californian Greens running amongst the redwoods).
Rick Seddon
McIntosh, NM