Dear Marcia,
Peggy and Rick,

in the aftermath of our extensive phone conversation I feel ashamed
admitting that the trite lyrics of the BeeGee song linger on in my mind:

"It's only words...".

As it happens one of my dearest interpretations of a part of our raison d'
Ítre, the works of TSE, is Denis Donoghue's "Words Alone".

Having had the privilege getting to know you guys in person adds a whole new
dimension for which I am grateful.

Dear TSE aficionados all,

here's my request:

I've often been wondering about the age statistics of the list. Could every
one of you give us his or her age? And, perhaps a guess of the average? The
winner wins a week in our place. Sightseeing trips included.

Our fiercly liberal Italian Sara Trveisian is, as Marcia told me, only 21,
Michael Palmer and  Michael Palmer and Venus Williams (how come we haven't
heard of either of you for ages??) surely not much older, and, given to his
fervor, Jacek either.

Love from an old git,