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> I just got back from England, and the pressure on Blair at this
> week's Labour Party Conference is also a big issue, along with lots
> of press speculation about his relation with Bush.  I think you need
> to also realize that we in the US also are in large numbers horrified
> by the "harebrained leader."  I just wish to remind you again that he
> did not receive the majority of votes.  I won't go into the issue of
> Florida, but there was no mandate by vote for any of this.

About Tony, I hope he makes it through and I think he will.  I really like
him.  As to the Florida issue, I hope the election of this movie star in
California will remove from the minds of most people that the people of florida are
the most inept people in the nation becaue of their over indulgance in in sun
and drink.  In the end, the issue of Florida could not be resloved  propertly
because it all got so mixed up.  I was actually for another statewide election
to inlcude only those who actually voted in the first election, but people in
other states really balked at that, for that would have given Flroida an
unseemly power.... .  She sings beyong the genious of the sea.  Oh, Florida.  Sail
on to the cold, bare north where I will be unhappy forever.  Sail on, tall
ship, sail on.
As for Bush, sorry, but I can't completely hate a guy who loves to run and
who loves his pooches.  Unlike most of you, I wasn't against the war, but his
domestic policies and his views on most social issues are simply ghastly.