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>> "Her hair over her arms, and her arms full of flowers"
>> (barely covering her alabaster breasts...)
> Hmmm. . . Perhaps our different ideas about the poem
> come from the uncensored European edition you are using.
> The key parenthetical line seems to be missing
> in the American version that I'm reading  :-)
> But seriously folks, from Donoghue's TSE book, "Words Alone",
> the chapter on "La Figlia", page 70:
> ========================
> "Simple and faithless as a smile and shake of the hand" is Eliot's version of
> Laforgue's "Simple et sans foi comme un bonjour" from "La vie qu'elles me
> font mener." It also alludes to Aeneas's chiding of his mother: "Why can't we
> join hands honestly, face to face?"
> =======================
> Gunnar, you are certainly unique and your TSE posts make me smile: your love
> for the poetry is so apparent and it's a passion we share. (Now as for those
> political posts of yours

What's so bad about 'em? Let's face it: most educated Europeans abhor the
current US administration and its harebrained leader. Read about his
environmental record in the latest New Yorker's "The Talk of The Town",
about the "reform" of the Clean Air Act, his "Clear Skies Initiative" --
it's unreal, pure Orwellian Newspeak!

>. . . Nahh, I think I know when to quit talking).

Yeah, I guess that's a wise decision :-).