I detect a more vigorous ideology than vigorous history in your last.  When
Cortez conquered the Aztec the Aztec were some of the bloodiest warriors and
conquerors in the New World.  They had lived in a perpetual state of warfare
and conquest with their neighbors for several hundred years.  The Navajo
used the Puebloans as slaves and were actively raiding the Puebloans until
almost the 20th century.  Acoma pueblo was not built upon an insurmountable
bluff because of the Spanish but because of the Navajo and Apache.  Today's
Bureau of Indian Affairs is almost totally made up of Native Americans who
interpret, enforce and originate federal law for Native Americans.

Rick Seddon
McIntosh, NM

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> Jill Weber wrote:
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> > The Navajo and Apache, both of Athabascan origin didn't arrive in the
> > southwest until around the same time as the euros, approx.  ca.16-17th
> > c.e. And immediately began wreaking just as much havoc.
> "Just as much"? -- that's a bit extravagant. All invaders wreak havoc.
> But europeans from the 16th to and including the present (counting u.s.
> as "european") have been a bit extraordinary in their destructiveness,
> by any standards.
> Carrol
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