I've just put up a new webpage that should be of interest to this list:

    Ezra Pound reviews "Prufrock and Other Observations"

        A review by Ezra Pound of "Prufrock and Other Observations" by
        T.S. Eliot.  The review was first published in 1917 in Poetry
        magazine and later in Pound's book "Literary Essays."

        "confound it, the fellow can write."


Now back to Off Topic topics:

Thanks for the Southwest Boston Baked Beans recipe Rick.  I'm afraid
to try it out on Peg though as she will like it and make more and I
really don't like peppers.  And thanks for the complements on Peg's
cooking.  She's even better when she can use meat.  So the following
recipes of hers won't be of much use to you but other listers may want
to try them out.  I really should replace "Thai" with "Pacific Rim"
(her preferred title) but then the whole website really needs a redoing

Peg's Thai Chicken
Peg's Thai Peanut Sauce

Maybe this G.W. Bush doll will only interest Gunnar:

    Rick Parker