My Dear Jacek,

You really must try to curb this unnatural, obsessive concern with
my ideas.  It's not healthy; you need to have some thoughts on your
own, or you might try meditating.  I do worry about you--but not
much, as I do not ever think of what you say at all except when you
exhibit this nervous tendency.  Have you considered jogging?
Camomile tea?  Soothing music?  Reading T. S. Eliot?
Believe me, your concerned colleague,

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And all this crap has something to do with Thomas Stearns Eliot
and/or his

It's astonishing that Ms. Nancy Gish of Maine hasn't waded in yet
with her
typical finesse and charm.

Jacek Niecko
Washington DC

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> > Visit and then click on
> > the link that represents your age.
> So far I've gotten only 20 hits (out of about 250 list members!)
> I'm keeping the average secret so you can keep on sending in
> your age and your guess as to the average age.  Gunnar will have
> to set the time and date for the contest's end.
> Regards,
>     Rick Parker