We had an empid. Flycatcher this morning at Rock Bridge SP,
that when sitting on a bare branch kept flicking its tail,
like a Phoebe would do -  but clearly an empid. not a
Phoebe; small, wingbars, and eyering.  After it flew I
thought I heard a "wit" call note, but can not be sure what
bird it was coming from.  Does any variety of empid have a
tendency toward flicking its tail?

We had several warblers, but only three that could be
identified - Canada, Wilson's, Parula - all others backlit
against the rainy sky.

Pool 2 at Eagle Bluffs continues to have Stilt, Pectoral,
Least Sandpipers; Dowitchers, Yellowlegs - but the numbers
seemed down to me.  New additions were two Green-winged
Teal, and a raft of Mallards; one very drab duck that we are
still scratching our heads over.   There was a flyover of
about 5-7 Terns as we were scoping this duck,  so we did not
get on the Terns quick enough to identify.  Never could
re-locate them.

Several people have asked for directions to Pool 2.  The
section of Pool 2 that is visible from the road is dry and
planted in soybeans - so you will wonder why it is called a
pool.  You need to walk about 5-10 minutes down the levee to
get a good view of the mudflat area.

Directions:  Driving down the main gravel road through Eagle
Bluffs, the tan-colored pump house and sign for the disabled
blind will be on your right, and the entrance to the first
one-way loop will be on your left.  Turn left onto the
one-way loop.  Keep driving straight (rather than turning up
the other side of the loop).  You will see a parking lot on
the right with a sign saying "pool 3",  keep driving; you
will see a water gate structure that has a "pool 3" sign on
it.  Right after this, you will see a mowed, dirt levee road
with an "Authorized Vehicles Only" sign.  Believe it.  Park
your car, and walk down this levee.  This levee divides Pool
3 from Pool 2.  In about five minutes, you will start to see
water on the left, keep walking (another 5 minutes) to the
end of the soybean field.  Then cut down left to the water's
edge.  There is kind of a cleared area from some
construction equipment, giving you easy access and good
visibility into the Pool 2.

In answer to Bob's question, my rain gauge in south Columbia
only says a little over 1 inch of rain.  That has had little
effect on Eagle Bluffs as of 12:30p today.  However, it is
predicted to continue raining tonight and tomorrow morning.

Jean Leonatti
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Columbia, MO

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