In case you've missed the previous announcements ---------
The Audubon Society of Mo invites everyone to our annual fall meeting
held at Camp Clover Point at the Lake of the Ozarks State Park, September
26th-28th.  It's a fun weekend of birding and good fellowship.  For the
first time, our annual Friday evening members' "slide show" will now
offer digital photo display capability in addition to our regular trusty
slide projector.  So bring your photos on disk and show off!  The
Saturday evening program will feature Stephen Mahfood, Director of the Mo
Dept of Natural Resources, who will speak about DNR and the birding
community.  Details below, plus look for the blue insert pages in the
forthcoming issue of the September Bluebird (the premiere issue of our
fabulous new editor Patrick Harrison...)  Also, the agenda and directions
to the park are available on the ASM website  Deadline
for registration is September 12.
Sue Gustafson
Vice President, ASM

Friday September 26 – Registration begins at 3:00 pm
        The Friday evening program will be presented by management level
Missouri Department of Conservation staff and will focus on management
topics of interest to birders.  This will be followed by our annual ASM
slide show in which members are invited to bring their favorite slides to
share with the group.
        Field trips will begin Saturday morning and will include a choice of
trips to Pin Oak, Brumley Hollow, Ozark caverns, airport “wetland”, or
the State Park savannah area.  No need to sign up in advance; groups will
organize according to field trip interest.
        After lunch, there will be a birding workshop. The workshop will be the
ever-popular Bill Rowe photo identification quiz.  Slides will range from
common, easy to identify birds to rare and difficult to identify birds.
After participants have made their ID, the answers will be given and an
analysis of the field marks will be presented.
        Following the bird identification workshop, several activities will be
available.  Field trips will resume or members can participate in a
round-table discussion with MDC staff members that will follow-up on
Friday evening’s presentation.
        In the evening, Stephen Mahfood, Director of the Missouri Department of
Natural Resources (DNR), will talk with us about DNR and the birding
        The annual ASM business meeting will follow.
        A worship service is offered at 6:30 a.m.
        Field trips will begin following breakfast.  After lunch, the birds seen
over the weekend will be compiled.   Have your cabins cleaned and be
ready to go home by 2:30 p.m.
•       Cabins include bunk and mattress, shower and rest rooms.
•       You must bring bedding, towels, and toilet articles.
•       $55.00 per person:  Includes registration, lodging for Friday and
Saturday evenings and all meals through Sunday Lunch (six meals).
•       $43.00 per person: Includes registration, Saturday night lodging only
and four meals beginning at noon Saturday.
•       Meals only: $7.00 per meal plus a $10.00 registration fee.
•       Students: $25.00 per person:  Includes registration, lodging for Friday
and/or Saturday evening(s), and all meals while in attendance.
•       Children 12 and under are free
•       Deadline for registration is September 12, 2003.  Send registration
form with check or money order to:
                Audubon Society of Mo
                2101 W. Broadway   Box 122
                Columbia, MO 65203
•       Make checks payable to Audubon Society of Missouri.
•       Full refund with cancellation before September 12.
•       After September 12 a partial refund will be given on a prorated basis
from any excess funds left after all of our expenses for the fall meeting
are paid.
•       Refund requests must be made in writing by October 30, 2003 to Joyce
Bathke, ASM Treasurer, at the above address.



PHONE :__________________________________________________________________
1.  Full registration      -  $55.00  X  ____(No. of people)                               =
2.  Partial registration -  $43.00  X  ____(No. of people)                                 =
3.  Registration and meals only
        a.  Meals only      -  $  7.00  X ____(No. of meals) X ____ (No. of
People) = ________
          b.  Registration       -  $10.00  X  ____(No. of People)                        =
4.  Students                   -  $25.00  X  ____(No. of people)                                   =
                                                                                TOTAL  = ________

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